29 June 2009

'arid" from 'adverteyes (speculative fiction)"

yet another career video hit. this one comes from way back in time, rhythm nation #3 adverteyes (speculative fiction). the track is titled on the album as 'arid", but those in the know refer to it simply as 'grey applesauce". i hope ya'll like it lots. peace to your mother!

28 June 2009

trophy from the racist

this is a video for 'trophy" from the career album 'the racist". from the forthcoming DveeD.

17 June 2009

career - live inside conconquidore truidores house ep

hello again folks.

round these parts, this is what we call the calm before the storm. with the career bathsheba sobotka cd/dvd nearing release, and the next steaming slab of career already on a plate, resting comfortably under a heat lamp - this is a busy time for career. breathe it in.

this is career's second ever live release! recorded live in concert in conconquidore truidores living room! before an adoring audience! two exclusive live unreleased tracks! the second one makes a great ringtone!

this is download only for now, click on the cover.

lintymix june 17 2990 yea

this mix represents exactly how i felt today & i hope to impart some small part of that effect on you. also, here is a link to my previous mix which i have recently rediscovered & it is still good in my humble opinion. not nearly as sunny as this new mix tho. tracklist follows as well as the necessary link to the megaupload site where the electronic file is housed. disco.


1 tim maloney - extra sugar free gum
2 ezy & isaac - bad day
3 jimmy cross - i want my baby back
4 fred lane - danger is my beer
5 apartment one - step inside
6 fred frith - cap the knife
7 liliput - do you mind my dream
8 picky picnic - was ich haben will
9 christiane f. - wunderbar
10 experimental products - anesthetic
11 goblin - lesbo
12 ptose - ecraser la vermine
13 bruce haack - program me
14 ross johnson - my mission
15 downtowners - baby i'll give it to you
16 elton & betty white - i'm in love with your behind

HERE http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A5G20H1N

04 June 2009

while we wait for the career dvd...

some bittersweet balladry from s.e. rogie.... just listen to that melody