15 October 2009

RIP Captain Lou

RIP Captain Lou. What a horrible week for NRBQ.

12 October 2009

Career - Ringbang: Tribute to Mighty Gabby

Due to increasing paranoia over a pre-release leak, Career's new release "Ringbang: Tribute to Mighty Gabby" will be released one day early (ie. now). The tracklisting is below - highlighted by a rejected 3-song demotape recorded for Thrilljockey records, recorded with McEntire/Herndon/Bitney. Other highlights include the video edit of "deep purple", a mashed-up radio-friendly edit of the 40-minute tapestry, 2 outtakes apiece from "tidal boweavil spectre" and "twins", and lots more. You will enjoy this. It is dedicated to Steve Ferguson, founding guitarist of NRBQ, who passed away this past Wednesday. 13 tracks spread over 2 cds or one computer.

Click here to get downloaded now.

10 October 2009

nirvana, bleach

career - ringbang - tribute to mighty gabby

After a long hiatus, Career will return with their annual thanksgiving release on Tuesday October 13th, 2009 - 'Ringbang: Tribute to Mighty Gabby". It is Career's 50th release - a collection of tracks from throughout the life of Career that were deemed to far advanced for mass comsumption at the time of recording. Now, the winds of shit whistling in the trees and Obama in the White House, the time is right for these tracks to see the light of day. The cover is below. NO LEAKS! Happy gold anniversary Career!

07 October 2009


rumor is they'll be coming back as soon as feb or march touring with a band called "black lips" & vice magazine or records or whatever is putting out their new album! also in a joint venture with american apparel DEAD MOON t-shirts will now be available at all american apparel stores in malls across the globe! WOOT! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!