28 November 2009

2 new shows

Stunning new development - The Residents are coming in February!!!!!

Also, Tuvan throat singers Huun-Huur-Tu in March.

25 November 2009

Career - Silver Sheet - Brandengurger Australis - Career Tributes Conconquidore

Hello again folks,

Career has returned with 3 new things for you to hear:

Rhythm Nation #51
Silver Sheet

This one is the first of two long singles recently recorded at conconquidore's house with a reunified career original lineup.
Rhythm Nation #52
Brandenburger Australis

This one, along with 'silver sheet", are the two new singles recorded recently with the reunited original career lineup.


Rhythm Nation #53
Career Tributes Conconquidore

Career's favourite band is Conconqudiore Truidore. This is the first of several planned tributes to Conconquidore and features 1 song mixed in 4 different versions. Recorded with Career in duophonic form.

So there you have it, 3 new things for you. Also, you, personally, can look forward to Career's next full length 'oh! i am dead", to be released next week.