30 January 2008

Wonderful Downloads

Here are two amazing videos of Adrian Orange performances that I found and you can download.

At the Unitarian Church

At some other place with a band

And here's where they came from:


29 January 2008

what the... who had the audacity to change the colour up in this piece? (that's a joke because it was me. funny, no?)


Can we exchange (written) songs/lyrics/poems on here, as we do songs and videos and shit? I'll take that as a yes. Shall we? Post poems, is what! I am making an album. It is hopefully almost done but I would like to show some of the lyrics here, hence the following lyric.

Like a microphone hears this instead of you
Then translates for the speaker and ears
There's a life between your choice and mine
And some meaning will be lost in the way of words
So we won't reach understanding
Except to accept we were once the same
The choices we made to diverge since then
Was the one that we were born making
Neither of us asked or chose to be here now
And we only have one destination
The river of our lives brought this reunion
But I could've been the one who's listening

28 January 2008

I'm Mature

Oh boy, this blog is deader than Heath Ledger (*Pop culture reference,* beat that guys). I figure there haven't been any posts because you're either busy or bored. I'm going to assume bored, since that's the only way I imagine you'll download this. Most of what I did over the course of 2007 is at:


24 January 2008

What the fuck

"Toronto should open its first black-focused public school in the fall of 2009, says a staff report aimed at improving academic achievement among students of colour."

17 January 2008

writing an entry

Today I ate ravioli with spinach and cheese in it and it was extremely yummy. Yes, yummy. Currently I am listening to 'there's a light that never goes out' by the Smiths, and before that i was listening to "soul rebel" by Bob Marley, and next i'll be working on my song/s. it's dark and wet sounding out. i feel good, thank you, now that you mention it.



the most beautiful lines i've read

"My purpose is a flower's purpose,
the meaning of my life is the flower's meaning;
I will eat and be eaten and the world
will show no loss or gain.
To you my life is pointless and wonderful,
to me the world is wonderful and pointless."
-Adrian Orange, "A Flower's Is Mine"

16 January 2008


In order to make a little labels section column to the right, so that people can easily get access to different sections/kinds of postings, I have begun, without anyone's permission, to delete the extraneous/inapposite labels appended to many of the postings. As you can see, the current state of said labels column to the right is disastrous, to put it mildly. So yeah, I hope no one minds that I'm fixing up the labels for this thing to work. do you? good.

Bizarre shit in the world

"Free Fart Videos - AmazingFartVideos.com - 10 Farts That Shook The World Capured On Video! [sic]"
-advertisement hovering above my gmail electronic mail 'web page.'

Watch! People Performing Moondog. it's lovely

08 January 2008

05 January 2008

Definitions. but should we even define stuff? who cares

Forthwith I will provide the first of my cogent, whilst tentative and potentially (and hopefully, so as to spur debate) contentious, definitions, founded on vast rumination. I do not know if anyone else wonders about such things as defining words or creating the perfect definition for stuff, but I do, and my hope is that people will comment on these and I'll ameliorate them (or belittle the opposing opinion) accordingly. However, considering the number (or lack) of folk who check this site, not to mention how people don't seem to give a shit about shit, my definitions will doubtlessly go unnoticed and unconsidered, left to collect digital dust as forlorn attempts to garner philosophical discussion. 
Note: These definitions involve what these words/concepts mean to ME, not what they mean to most people. If most people think that a canvas upon which someone took a shit is "art," that's unfortunate for them because that's bullshit.
All the same, without further ado,

A work of (visual) art
is a composition which is created with the primary intention of being beautiful or providing a pleasurable or profound emotional resonance through the means of its visual depiction.

exudes visual pleasure; the quality of agreeableness to one's sense of sight.

Julia's Father's Sylvan Backyard


Was 0AD and 0BC the same year? They say that 2000 wasn't the start of a new millennium, it was the end of the old one, but then that's like saying that 0AD wasn't actually in AD, it was just the last year of BC, and that AD just started at 1. So does that mean that the moment christ died, it was automatically one year after his death?

04 January 2008

Happy Revolutions

Happy revolution around the sun everybody! As a gift, I present you with love in sound-form.

Check out Amateur's fresh new, recently pooped, hot off the anus song, on rapedshare.


03 January 2008

tutankhamun mix



1 Scary Sound Effects - The Creeping Horror
2 Sweet Jesus - Sindy Makes Believe
3 Pylon - Driving School
4 Quix*O*Tic - My Birthday Party
5 Aislers Set - Emotional Levy
6 The Diskettes - Cowichan knit
7 Nagisa Ni Te - Anxiety
8 The Konki Duet - How Could I Not Like You?
9 Apple Orchard - Don't Pretend
10 the haircuts - wandering lucy
11 Yumbo & Kinutapan - The Black Nation
12 Quickspace - The Mountain Waltz
13 Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra - Legend of Zelda (Game Hotel Version)
14 Most Valuable Players - Most Valuable Players vs. The Technology
15 PukaPuka Brians - Happy sounds, happy dance
16 The Curtains - Riddle World
17 Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Working 2-4-02
18 Pink Reason - Up the Sleeve
19 Yumbo - September Song
20 The Cherry Blossoms - These were our Woods
21 julianna barwick - dancing with friends
22 tenniscoats - oetsu to kanki no nanoriuta (given song by sob and joy)