21 August 2008

The way things should be

  1. INTERNET DATING SERVICES BASED ON LOGARITHMIC ALGORITHMS & RIGID PERSONALITY QUESTIONNAIRES: "i'm thinking, bring your friend or better yet your sister who is the exact opposite of you just in case." (not recommended)
  2. INTERVENTION (the tv show)
  3. BELUGA 24-HOUR LIFE-CASTING (recommended) (way better than anything on justin.tv ever)

19 August 2008



saw these guys at extermination on saturday. intense sounds. the same night i drank hand sanitizer & didn't go blind.

04 August 2008

Reel Cod

What's happening with Reel Cod these days? As far as I know, Career is the only thing that's still going on, and it's not even technically on Reel Cod. Come to think of it, I don't even know what Reel Cod is. The website was a load of help. Is there even a Reel Cod anymore?