19 May 2008

career - an event and its concomitant circumstances

08 May 2008

Three GOOD shows at the end of the month:

29 May - Deep Dark United at the Tranzac at 10 o'clock. FREE
30 May - No Gold (formerly known as Yukon; toured with Adrian Orange last year, they're amazing) at the Drake unfortunately $?
31 May - St. Dirt Elementary School (wonderful local weird jazz) at the Tranzac at 10 o'clock FREE (probably)

07 May 2008

career - no truth

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dear bridget riley,

imagine yourself seated in a comfortable chair now imagine your eyes closed imagining your insides black gooey velvety texture imagine how peach fuzz soft your heart is warm & squirming like a black rat in your hands now imagine the buzzcocks coming thru the floorboards from the apartment below:

" it must have meaning, whether we know it or not. "

i begin to piece together the puzzle i feel a warm hum come over me i feel the dogs tongue on my face...

dear bridget riley,

when you say forever do you mean forever?
in my mind we're already married.

no one is going to be willing to love me in such a way when they find out i love you.

and i've been thinking about what you said about you & what you said about me & about everybody else you really love and want to be with.

i dunno if you love me, maybe you do. i mean, i know you do. but obviously not like i love you. which is ok.

but i think if you did love me you'd take some responsibility for it & not dick me around & say shit to make me stick around like "some day" kinda shit. because it has a huge effect on me, in everything i do. and i wish it didn't but it does.

so i think you should decide, if not now, when. either to tell me to fuck off it's not going to work. or be with me & love me. i love you so fucking much i don't want to feel like this ever again.
if you love me, you should want me to be happy, whatever that is. that's rhetoric, but true.

i don't want to be the guy on the side, i'm not oblivious to what goes on in your life. i don't want to live my life totally loving you only to find out you've fallen in love with someone else & are now getting married & having kids & etc.

this isn't a rehash and this isn't an ultimatum. this is me finally completely decisively know what i want.

your companion always,

06 May 2008

"'I Could Have Been the One Listening' by Lanterns"
now available for your possession on compact disc
for the fee of asking for it.

03 May 2008

Introduction, or "why so many blogs?"

Despite my numerous posts suggesting the contrary, it has come to our attention that some individuals feel it impertinent to post non-music related articles on the Reelcblodg. As a consequence of this, and the fact that others are physically incapable of posting on the Deep Madder Log, we have deemed it most pertinent to give birth to a creation (a link to which is provided at right) that we have christened the "Isle of Bile." The fundamental purpose of this web log, then, is to provide a venue for all creeds of postage. An invitation will be delivered momentarily to your electronic mail box and invited parties are thenceforth welcome, as on Reelcblodg, to post on, alter, and use this log as they wish, untethered by the perceived whims or pseudo-expectations of others.


Isle of Bile
Plese vote for the city's worst and best architecture!