28 April 2008

career - all smiles ep

it never stops 'round rhythm nation. the 'all smiles' ep comes from the same session as 'ring the alarm', but is way different. think james brown meets albert einstein, on acid. three tracks with beautifully orchestrated intros & outros.

career - ring the alarm

after an extended hiatus, career has returned. this full-length release, 'ring the alarm', was recorded about a year ago at troy's, with mr. nicholas kerr. it really is way good, i promise & hope you enjoy. clicky on the cover for d-load.

26 April 2008

we've been updating Deep Madder Log (relatively) a lot lately for a change. so please read it and stuff!


23 April 2008

career - women of distinction ep

five more tracks of goodness from career, conveniently and randomly conceptualized around the awesomeness of five women in particular. everybody dance!

"How can she run a country when she can't even control where her husband puts his penis?"
-online commentator on CBC article, on Hilary Clinton

career - friendship replacement

the mania continues with 'friendship replacement', a new full length release from career. best enjoyed whilst wearing headphones and drinking a cool beverage. click the cover by jimmy murphy to download.

22 April 2008

career - you tore me down ep

the hits just keep coming, yet more hot steamy fresh career. 'you tore me down' is an eight track ep, recorded mostly at the same session that produced 'crazy times'. i promise you'll like it. believe...again. click on the picture.

Joel at an ungodly hour working on an essay

I think this captures the feeling of late night madness that arises when we stay up late to do school work (the song just appeared on the radio when I turned it on and was so appropriate).

career - crazy times

what a day indeed, another beautiful and new loaf of career. this time a whole album, recorded last year on a stage somewhere in canada. featuring mr. alex, adam, tristan et al. click the album cover for quick and easy download guaranteed. all the best.

career - mouths ep

here is the hot off the press new career pie. three tuneful tunes from the same session that produced monogamy. to increase your enjoyment, eat something really tasty whilst listening to it. click on the mouthy drawing by keith tilford to get it y'all.

20 April 2008

wet nurse records

record store day? who are we appealing to here? people who don't get it already are supposed to start respecting record stores again 'cause of some promotional day? man, how embarrassing. though, any celebratory day is sort of hackneyed. we did not have any kinda promotion or anything at SB, but still managed to profit our 3rd highest since opening 7 years ago. i guess, one could hold 'record store day' accountable, or the first really nice saturday of the year, i dunno. though, it's as if folks went out and bought music as a novelty, you know, celebrating record store day... i'd like to think it was the weather and genuine interest in gettin some new music. but what the fuck, it was a great scam! people love shit like that, right?

hey, anybody feel like making some records?
today 'trans-elders' (for now) are working on some 'unplugged' renditions of songs for future outdoors show, we'll be on Rob's balcony if interested, after 6:30. Alex, outdoors music, soon?

16 April 2008

I like this Rembrandt Self Portrait

Why do people in the Unites States of America apparently need a president that's a fucking idiot? I just heard the news say that, though he's a Harvard lawyer, Obama has to prove to voters that he's just a regular guy. Is this a joke? The leader of a country shouldn't be 'regular,' she/he should be way "better" than everyone else so that they can deal with shit and perform better than anyone, not a "regular guy" whose lack of education/whatever insecure rural types can feel comforted by.

14 April 2008

Man Day

When is Career going legit-like with the music and such? By that I speak of the composing and opposing the nonsense and what-like. I think it was a good idea, maybe we could do one album like that, and then go back to the good stuff, or something.

Also, music at my house (or the house that Linton used to live in) on Saturday April 26th (also happens to be my birthday). If you want to play, COME. If you want to play something besides CAREER, email me, or reply, or just come with what you need. There might be free food. Oh, and everybody has to learn happy birthday on something (preferably the spoons, not that I'm nit-picking). BOLD TEXT.

"The case for a Downtown Relief Line"

11 April 2008

the real sun ra

here is the real sun ra, i accidently posted the residents twice.

speaking of the residents - here they are with the perrenial favourite, conway twitty.

voices of the future, pt. 6-11

i recently discovered that david sanborn is my hero . aside from his playing on the most recent ween album, he hosted a show called nightmusic way back, and from what i can tell it is the finest musical programming to ever grace the glowing box in my glowing box room.

The Residents covering Elvis ^

Sun Ra

The Lounge Lizards

Sonic Youf

Diamanda Galas

Nicholas Cave

i hope you all enjoy this wonderufl program. there are other videos too - people like leonard cohen, richard thompson, pharoah sanders, pere ubu and lots more.

07 April 2008

Tristan Murphy is dead

"After all, the essential difference between cities and suburbs lies in the diversity and density of the former, the lack thereof in the latter. Since most growth occurs in the suburbs, perhaps it's not surprising that corporate thinking has become lazy and one-dimensional. Clearly, operating in the city requires they learn to walk and chew gum at the same time. In a city, they can't just throw up boxes that sit dumbly in the middle of a parking lot. [...] To build downtown is to build within a context. It requires intelligence, creativity and a little sophistication. That may be asking a lot of these corporations, but then, they take a lot from Toronto. That's why they want to be here."

-Christopher Hume, in this

06 April 2008

Why didn't I learn this in English class?

04 April 2008

No Gold (formerly known as Yukon)

These fine fellows are performing in this city on 30 May of this year

03 April 2008


the worlds newest jazz-punk sensation, career, has new archival release entitled monogamy. click on the image to download & enjoy. this album features Nick on drums, as well as Adam on the bass guitar.

voices of the future, pt.5

Klaus Dinger of Neu died last week.