28 November 2009

2 new shows

Stunning new development - The Residents are coming in February!!!!!

Also, Tuvan throat singers Huun-Huur-Tu in March.

25 November 2009

Career - Silver Sheet - Brandengurger Australis - Career Tributes Conconquidore

Hello again folks,

Career has returned with 3 new things for you to hear:

Rhythm Nation #51
Silver Sheet

This one is the first of two long singles recently recorded at conconquidore's house with a reunified career original lineup.
Rhythm Nation #52
Brandenburger Australis

This one, along with 'silver sheet", are the two new singles recorded recently with the reunited original career lineup.


Rhythm Nation #53
Career Tributes Conconquidore

Career's favourite band is Conconqudiore Truidore. This is the first of several planned tributes to Conconquidore and features 1 song mixed in 4 different versions. Recorded with Career in duophonic form.

So there you have it, 3 new things for you. Also, you, personally, can look forward to Career's next full length 'oh! i am dead", to be released next week.

15 October 2009

RIP Captain Lou

RIP Captain Lou. What a horrible week for NRBQ.

12 October 2009

Career - Ringbang: Tribute to Mighty Gabby

Due to increasing paranoia over a pre-release leak, Career's new release "Ringbang: Tribute to Mighty Gabby" will be released one day early (ie. now). The tracklisting is below - highlighted by a rejected 3-song demotape recorded for Thrilljockey records, recorded with McEntire/Herndon/Bitney. Other highlights include the video edit of "deep purple", a mashed-up radio-friendly edit of the 40-minute tapestry, 2 outtakes apiece from "tidal boweavil spectre" and "twins", and lots more. You will enjoy this. It is dedicated to Steve Ferguson, founding guitarist of NRBQ, who passed away this past Wednesday. 13 tracks spread over 2 cds or one computer.

Click here to get downloaded now.

10 October 2009

nirvana, bleach

career - ringbang - tribute to mighty gabby

After a long hiatus, Career will return with their annual thanksgiving release on Tuesday October 13th, 2009 - 'Ringbang: Tribute to Mighty Gabby". It is Career's 50th release - a collection of tracks from throughout the life of Career that were deemed to far advanced for mass comsumption at the time of recording. Now, the winds of shit whistling in the trees and Obama in the White House, the time is right for these tracks to see the light of day. The cover is below. NO LEAKS! Happy gold anniversary Career!

07 October 2009


rumor is they'll be coming back as soon as feb or march touring with a band called "black lips" & vice magazine or records or whatever is putting out their new album! also in a joint venture with american apparel DEAD MOON t-shirts will now be available at all american apparel stores in malls across the globe! WOOT! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

13 September 2009

12 September 2009

Song Poem Archives

If you haven't already dicovered them, here is wfmu's fantastic tabulation of all ASPMA song poems conveniently packaged into separate volumes. do not feel daunted by the breadth of material nor feel obliged to grab all of them from the beginning, each one is a separate work of art unto itself.

s'more info: http://www.songpoemmusic.com/trubee.htm

& the collections themselves. again, i'd say these come highly recommended, but who would listen anyway.


29 August 2009

career - polish sausage

From outside of time, comes career's latest? or is it earliest? from an dusty old minidisk i found in my sock drawer. one thing is for certain, definitely post-911.

download it here here

23 August 2009

Into the wild

Killarney awaits. Have you guys heard the new Jim O'Rourke? Click here and you can hear a little snippy snippet. Also, notice the new Drag City site. Goodbye for a week.

06 August 2009

circulatory system

i'm sure ya'll have heard that the ol circulatory system 2nd album is finally seeing the light of day.

fyi - there's a limited run deluxxx lp that just started pre-order - has a whole other lp of demos and stuff. get on it quick if you're interested - only 300 copies. best of all - handmade jackets by will cullen hart - $35 . go to www.cloudrecordings.com to check it, as i recently did.

03 August 2009

promotional run #2

out august 18 from rhythm nation and reelcod records:

after months of band turmoil and personal angst-strife in the inner cercle rouge of career, the career bathsheba sobotka dvd/cd release is finally seeing the light of day. it is rhythm nation #48 and is a cache of goodness for the career superfan. i know you're out there. it features all of the following and more:

- the full length "career bathsheba sobotka" movie
-5 career video hits
-volume 3 in the career bootleg series - "at studio one"
-complete rhythm nation discobibliography
-career band portrait circa late 2007
-a collection of random/patterned images
-audio companion cd of the same name
-much much more....!!!
limited editions of the this will be accompanied with an extra cd of audio commentary, to played along while watching the movie. it's like watching the movie with career themselves!!! the limited edition also has a 8x10 not-glossy print of the original promotional poster for "career bathsheba sobotka" - pictured above. perfect for your gym locker, office drawer or generic wall.
pre-order now to secure your copy or copies today! this WILL sell out!!!!!!!!!
"There’s an air of authenticity to the proceedings here, and stylistic pretension never obscures good storytelling."
-charles de gaulle
"It's not colourful, it's not fun, it's just a gaudy mess of bad aesthetic choices and cruddy CGI."
-shia laboeuf
"Intense, graphically novelistic (though it’s an original story) and just funny enough to keep you thoroughly entertained, even while the subtext is of a very serious nature."
-1992 world series mvp pat borders
finally - here is the final unreleased career video hit - for a section of "deep purple". please enjoy.

01 August 2009


+ OM / Lichens Oct. 9

... + Fred & Toody's (Dead Moon) new band, Pierced Arrows, are playing the horseshoe Oct. 5

... Also, are Love playing Lee's Aug. 14?

Anyone want to book the 1st week in October off work and have 5 day long party?

27 July 2009

image for the day, july 27 2009

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." - Harriet Tubman

26 July 2009

career - twins

rhythm nation and reelcod recs present rhythm nation #47 career's 'twins". this features career in quartet formation, playing 9 interpersonal displays of affection, featuring one sy-inspired vestibule, as well as several beautiful kazoo/alto sax duets. hope you folks can dig it!

praise for 'twins":
"Excepting a gaping logic loophole at its center, this is surprisingly well-directed and entertaining from start to finish."
-Jammy Jeffries, NBCTV

"Occasionally fetching but largely overdeliberate and way too plodding for a quality psychological thriller."
-Burton Cummings

"Direly dreadful from start to finish, its self-conscious eccentricity is both smug and invidious."
-Ted Williams and James Brown in unison

" It's ultimately a failure due to such a poppycock follow-through that seriously undermines such a understatedly-frightening first-half."
-Cammy Granato, USA Hockey
All the best,

22 July 2009

career - pulled until kerack

this is career's newest album - rhythm nation #46, 'pulled until kerack". i hope ya'll give it a listen and like it. click on the picture to getz it. this features a stunner of a vocal performance from mclintock on the track 'you turn my head around also", amongst other highlights.

it is dedicated to you... the listener.

in addition, career would like to announce that in honour of the upcoming half-centennial rhythm nation #50, we will be releasing a retrospecticus maximus collection of unreleased career recordings from throughout the whole thing entitled 'the 3r's: rarities, ripened, and realistic". mark it on your calendar.

image for the day, july 21 2009

20 July 2009

image for the day, july 20 2009

"Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times." - Machiavelli

16 July 2009

career - tidal boweavil spectre

ladies and gentlemen,

career, rhythm nation, and reelcod records present rhythm nation #45 - career's 'tidal boweavil spectre". please enjoy responsibly. click on the cover to get 'dis ting.

update: the much bally-hooed career bathsheba sobotka cd/dvd is pretty finished and ready to be distributed to ya'll by hand only quite soon. also, career is having a practice this sunday (?) i don't know where - any ideas? outside. all should feel obligated, unless otherwise obligated.

best wishes,

09 July 2009

image for the day, july 9 2009

"Flattery is like cologne water, to be smelt of, not swallowed." - Josh Billings

image for the day, july 8 2009

'Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings.' - Ed Gardner

i don't know where the above image is from. i have a vast collection accumulated over 8 years. if you recognize this picture i'd very much like to know the artist.

02 July 2009

'death camp kazoo orchestra" on MTV

this is the first half of the 'death camp kazoo orchestra" album set to a movie made in high school. i hope you'll enjoy it. laughter and comments welcome. these are what songs are in there:

a. corpse; hermetically sealed

b. melted wax masks

c. lungs like wet

d. affirmation to infinity

e. wish rescinded

01 July 2009

'08" from 'go fuck yourself"

here is another one. this one is just my beautiful cat roky catching some zzz'z while listening to the 8th song from the career 24-track recordings cd 'go fuck yourself". i hope you like it.

also, for those of you with phonos cellularis - there is career ringtone here... seriously. hopefully it works.

hey, did you guys hear michael jackson died? happy canada day!

29 June 2009

'arid" from 'adverteyes (speculative fiction)"

yet another career video hit. this one comes from way back in time, rhythm nation #3 adverteyes (speculative fiction). the track is titled on the album as 'arid", but those in the know refer to it simply as 'grey applesauce". i hope ya'll like it lots. peace to your mother!

28 June 2009

trophy from the racist

this is a video for 'trophy" from the career album 'the racist". from the forthcoming DveeD.

17 June 2009

career - live inside conconquidore truidores house ep

hello again folks.

round these parts, this is what we call the calm before the storm. with the career bathsheba sobotka cd/dvd nearing release, and the next steaming slab of career already on a plate, resting comfortably under a heat lamp - this is a busy time for career. breathe it in.

this is career's second ever live release! recorded live in concert in conconquidore truidores living room! before an adoring audience! two exclusive live unreleased tracks! the second one makes a great ringtone!

this is download only for now, click on the cover.

lintymix june 17 2990 yea

this mix represents exactly how i felt today & i hope to impart some small part of that effect on you. also, here is a link to my previous mix which i have recently rediscovered & it is still good in my humble opinion. not nearly as sunny as this new mix tho. tracklist follows as well as the necessary link to the megaupload site where the electronic file is housed. disco.


1 tim maloney - extra sugar free gum
2 ezy & isaac - bad day
3 jimmy cross - i want my baby back
4 fred lane - danger is my beer
5 apartment one - step inside
6 fred frith - cap the knife
7 liliput - do you mind my dream
8 picky picnic - was ich haben will
9 christiane f. - wunderbar
10 experimental products - anesthetic
11 goblin - lesbo
12 ptose - ecraser la vermine
13 bruce haack - program me
14 ross johnson - my mission
15 downtowners - baby i'll give it to you
16 elton & betty white - i'm in love with your behind

HERE http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A5G20H1N

04 June 2009

while we wait for the career dvd...

some bittersweet balladry from s.e. rogie.... just listen to that melody