27 February 2009

24 February 2009

coming out of hibernation.
I booked 7 days off work, starting tomorrow.
I'm looking to make a bunch of tapes and intoxicate myself in a blistful style.
Anyone feel like droning out with slippery brains in fine reel cod fashion, let us be in touch.

Also, while I am here writing, for those not yet with ticket- Windy & Carl @ the whipper snapper, Apr. 23rd. yes please.
opening- Windy & Benoit Pioulard
middle- Benoit Pioulard
then- Windy & Carl
Holy shit, leave gravity at the door

12 February 2009


Has anyone else seen this yet?

Who's going to write the profile for Career? Reel Cod?

07 February 2009