29 March 2009

breaking news

in lieu of the sudden immense increase in demand for hard copies of releases by career, i have spent part of the day making five 3" cd singles of career's 'dime inna jukebox'. the cd is about 11 minutes or so, and has the two tracks you can download below, in a paper sleeve with plastic for safe keeping! it also has the same cover you see below. these are regular cdrs cut down to 3" with a pair of rusty scissors, they play super fine - no guarantees on longevity though. mail order only. email me at fifthbusiness67@hotmail.com with your address and i can send it to you fo free. only 5 ever!

27 March 2009

How's this for Career?

As per request (my own), I've written a brief description of Career, for the Reel Cod website or whatever it suits. I tried to write it as honestly as I would have were I not a member of the band. Let me know if this is ok.

"Over the past few years, this Toronto-based collective has been blurring the line between noise and modern medicine. Following no script or rehearsed plan, the members of Career command an almost prescient aptitude for blending sounds in a hypnotic collection of (we’re not quite sure what genre it is, but let’s go with) experimental songs. With nothing but an arsenal of instruments, noisemakers, effects pedals, recording equipment, legally purchased beverages, a few printed popular song tabs from the internet, and a dream, they march in to bedrooms, parks, and backyards, weaving a chaotic-but-morally-just blast of therapeutic sound waves and moment-inspired lyrics. Like a marriage-saving striptease, or a heat-packed Hills episode, every song unfolds layer by layer in a highly repetitive instrumental ballad as each member jumps in to a tumbling snowball of semi-erotic rhythm, lacquered with guilty pleasure and a touch of mystery. Will the horns stay with the drums, or will they leave them for the guitars? Will it end in climax, or will it fizzle out in awkward asynchrony? No one, not even the songsmiths of Career, know the answers to these questions, but their lack of architecture and technical skill is no hindrance to their inspirational drive to heal the city with sound."

25 March 2009

career - dime inna jukebox single

(click picture to d-load it)

one new whopper, plus a special molto bello version. straight to the heart.
recent reviews:

"taut, sensual and superintendant" - jermaine jackson

"the sound of all past lives never existing all at once" - nosferatu

"das traurigste man ist das sexuellste" - joan baez

23 March 2009

career - huha

CAREER - HUHA, part one in an upcoming infinite series, an infinitrilogy of releases.
(click image above)

16 March 2009

Doubtfully Yours

New new Amateur Shit! Profanity!
Love is downloadable! Here!

02 March 2009